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MBISS GCHB CAS Element of Luck at Matagi  

Elle is the #1 Akita female USA 2018


Sire: CH Shintos Calm Cool & Collected at CAS
Dam:  CH. CAS Zan's Cajun Queen by Skyking ROM
Owner/handler: Lynn Arnold 
Owner/ Breeder: Cindy Smith 
Specialed by:  Chris Ann Moore  

(more pictures of Elle below)

CH. CAS Cornerstone at London

Core won BEST IN SHOW his first time in the ring at an International Show - completing his International Championship the same day.  He then won his AKC Championship with four major wins - back to back 4-pt. majors his first weekend, followed by back to back 5-point majors his next weekend shown!  
Core was the fifth champion from the Cooper X Cajun litter, which gave his dam "Cajun" her ROM title from her first breeding.

Sire: CH Shintos Calm Cool & Collected at CAS
Dam:  CH. CAS Zan's Cajun Queen by Skyking ROM
Owners:  Jason and Dr. Misha Payant
Breeder: Cindy Smith 
Handled to his championship by James Taylor - more Core pics below


(shown at left at 13 months of age winning the 12-18 month class at the Akita National all three days)

CH. CAS Man of Steel at Shinto

Clark won two majors his first weekend in the ring, placed first in the 12-18 month class ALL THREE days of the 2015 National Specialty at 13 months, and finished with a five point major at 17 months!  We could not be happier with our big sweet boy!  (Also pictured below) 

Sire: CH Shintos Calm Cool& Collected @ CAS
Dam:  CH. CAS Zan's Cajun Queen by Skyking ROM
Owner/handler: Chris Ann and Ronnie Moore 
Owner/ Breeder: Cindy Smith 



CH. CAS Comfort Zone ESA


Our goofy girl Comfort keeps us laughing, lives up to her name, and reminds us so much of her sire in her incredible movement and temperament. Bred only twice - Comfort produced exceptional babies - a tribute to her offspring below.  Pictured to the left and showing off her incredible movement below!  


Sire:  Am/Can CH. Serdess Zanadou de LauClair
Dam:  CH. Excel Shuku Follow Your Heart at CAS
Owner: Cindy Smith - now retired and living the good life with April Lorance 
Breeders: Cindy Smith & Linda Ingemi



SO PROUD OF AND THANKFUL FOR our girl CH. Cajun, who produced five of the beautiful champion Akitas shown above and in last year's champion page FROM HER FIRST BREEDING alone!! 
This accomplishment earned her Register of Merit title.  
Bred to Ch. Cooper - seen on Champions 2014-2015 - Cajun produced:

CH. CAS OH NO SHE BETTER DON'T "RuPaw" - finished at 8 months in FIVE shows with 4 majors
CH. CAS MY LITTLE RED WAGGIN "Cadie" finished at 11 months
CH. CAS CORNERSTONE AT LONDON "Core" finished in seven shows with four majors
CH. CAS ELEMENT OF LUCK AT MATAGI "Ellie" Grand Futurity winner at the 2015 National &
#1 Akita USA 2018
CH. CAS MAN OF STEEL AT SHINTO "Clark" finished in 3 weeks of showing!

Cajun is now:  CH. CAS Zan's Cajun Queen by Skyking ROM
(shown below 4 weeks pregnant)


PEDIGREE FOR CH Cadie, CH Rupaw, CH Core, CH Elle and CH Clark:

CH. Shinto's Calm, Cool, and Collected at CAS  "Cooper"

OFA Good

CH. Regalia's Flagstone ROM CH. Regalia's Fyrestone
CH. Regalia's Avant Garde ROMP
CH. Shinto's Ain't Misbehavin of CAS ROM BISS CH. CAS Dozak I Got It AOM ROMP
CH. CAS Love Never Fails ROMP

CH. CAS Zan's Cajun Queen by Skyking ROM  "Cajun"

OFA Excellent

Am/Can CH. Serdess Zanadou de LauClair Can. CH. Regalia's Trans Fur
Can. CH. Matsou de LauClair ROMPX
Grand CH. Shinto's Takin Off at Skyking MBISS Gold Grand CH. CAS Cobo Haul Eudora AOM
CH. CAS Gotta Love Me ROMP


Elle 2015

Elle - many thanks to Chrissy Delgado for this great picture taken at the 2017 National


Core the day he finished his championship


 Clark 4 month old puppy pics - at left MOVING OUT

Comfort MOVING

Comfort here and at left doing what she does best

Say "Cheese"!


Being a Zanadou daughter, and therefore a Matsou grand daughter - we always hoped for great things when Comfort was bred, and she has surpassed our expectations!   We proudly introduce some of her babies - the first picture from her 2nd and last breeding to CH. Cabe, and other four from her first breeding, engineered (bred by) Jason Payant and Dr. Misha Payant.  

Cypress (by CH. Cabe) 

                CH. Crown Royal/Big Bang :Sparkle" 


                 CH. Big Bang's "Envy"